Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Am I to be Homeless or Not?

Well I thought I'd start a blog on soon to be homeless. I don't know how much time I'll have to write So this is it!

Becoming homeless seems to be a bigger deal than ever.  Jobs are being lost.  People can't pay their rent or mortgage. Its hard to borrow money.  People are draining their savings accounts and their retirement funds. .

Well here is my story of soon to be homeless or not.

Because of the economy I am unable to find housecleaning jobs quick enough which is what I currently do for a living. I am an independent housekeeper. I currently have 2 jobs which pay me 170.00 a month which is by far not enough to keep my rent paid or anything else payed. I'm a mom of three and a grandmother of 4. . Two are adults and out on their own, one is 13yrs old she lives with me.

I moved to Las Vegas from Chicago 6 1/2 yrs ago hoping for a better life. It was difficult at first but things got better until last year around October when my boss laid me off. He works for the Casino's doing appraisals so he hired me and my older daughter to help with his business doing data entry work. I also cleaned his house. Well that was when things started to go down hill. It was a great job! The best paying one I ever  had. Imagine making enough money to pay your rent and bills. I was happy. Well after that my other cleaning jobs started laying me off and cutting my pay in half. Damn economy! Needless to say I was  very upset still am. I was wondering what the hell was I to do. Well I started applying for jobs to no availe.You know Wal-mart,Target,Fresh n Easy,Kmart etc,. I even tried to get a job at a big hotel. That didn't work either. They didn't want to hire me because you need experience. Well! How the hell are you supposed to get experience if you don't get hired anywhere to get the experience! I'm still trying to find the answer to that one. I'm telling you it tough out there. Especially when your 50 + and haven't had a real job (as my two older children once told me)  since you were 20..
To Be Continued....

Well here it is May first. Rent is due the 5th. Went to Social services to get help from them to pay my rent. What a crock that turned out to be. Waited in line for 5 hrs just for them to tell me NO because I was not pending in the welfare office they can't help. What the shit. But because my case was past pending I get no help. What kind of system do we have? Its a joke. You have to apply for welfare. Welfare I went there too for help. I preferred not to but I did. At least I can eat. Can't get cash assistance because they said the 20 application proofs were incomplete. NOT! What a joke I handed it all in.

Well I don't know what I can do now. I sure hope I don't get evicted from my apartment because me and my daughter don't want to be losing all our belongings or our home.

This Economy thing has to get better or a lot of people are going to be homeless.